Welcome to my first blog post of The Perfectly Polished Event. My name is Nicole and this is where you will find all my talkings about weddings, planning weddings, and all sorts of events. I am a wedding/event planner in the South Eastern part of Massachusetts, I do not just plan events for those in this small region but all over New England and destination weddings as well.

Event planning is a passion of mine. I started by planning my own and planning for close friends and family members. I enjoyed it immensely and I love helping people make their dreams come true, that I wanted to expand it to anyone who needs help in planning their perfect day.

Though the main reason for my site is to help people learn about what I do and how I can help plan “The Big Day,” I also wanted to use this space to help the everyday bride who has questions and to give some insights. I believe an event planner is someone who should help guide you through the process and take some of the stress off, and even if that is by helping with a check-list, I want to be the one to provide that to you.

I will be writing regular blog posts here and I hope to see you in the comments. If you have any questions or would like to see a blog post on a particular idea, please let me know. If you have any inquiries into how I can help with your event please reach out to me via phone or email, I would be glad to have a consultation with you.

Welcome to The Perfectly Polished Event!