Easton, Massachusetts

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All about the Wedding Day (2 hour consultation)

•  Help develop budget outline
•  Suggest questions for vendors
•  Assist in researching vendors/venue
•  Provide tips on:

→Conducting a rehearsal
→Assigning bridal party roles
→Organizing wedding day
→Preparing for emergencies

•  Provide packet on local information
•  Information on Day-Of services
•  Jumpstart creative process and answer questions

Day-Of Service

• Up to 3 in person meetings including a venue walk-through
• Up to 12 hours of wedding management and Day-Of execution
• Review vendor contacts
• Venue walk-through, review details
• Available for questions
• Monthly email check-ins to review details
• Timeline creation & coordination with vendors
• Vendor management and arrival confirmations
• Point of contact on wedding day
• Distribute bouquets and corsages to wedding party
• Cue best man, maid of honor, and those giving toasts
• Assist with bridal party and family for photographs
• Set-up and styling wedding elements
• Direct ushers and helpers
• Distribute final payment and gratuities, furnished by client
• Retain marriage license
• Retrieve wedding gifts – monitor flow
• Arrange for personal items to be picked up and delivered to a designated place or person

Partial Service – 6 months out

•  Includes Day-Of services
•  Up to 5 in-person meetings
•  Help with some of the planning process, advice, and guidance
•  Wedding party rehearsal
→ Choreograph wedding party and ensure all are comfortable
•  Help with your checklist
•  Assist with Do It Yourself items (within a reasonable amount)
→ Supplies to be purchased by client

Full Service – Start to Finish

•  Timeline preparation and creating checklist
•  Develop and track budget
•  Review and book ceremony and reception locations
•  Vendor recommendations, negotiations, and bookings
•  Contract review
•  Vendor management
•  Creation and executions of design schemes
•  Assist ordering printed materials
•  Track RSVPs
•  Wedding favors and accessories
•  Coordinate accommodations, transportation, child care
•  Marriage license
•  Etiquette information
•  General advice and consultation
•  Available for meetings and time coordination
•  Attend vendor meetings
•  Confirm details with vendors prior to wedding
•  Facilitate ceremony rehearsal
•  Day-of services

A La Carte Services

• Choreograph wedding rehearsal
• Assist in assembling and sending invitations
• Return tuxedos and other rentals
• Assist with out of town guest luggage
• Dress fitting assistance
• Assemble and pack wedding favors
• Gift transport and delivery
• DIY Projects
• Send out thank you cards

Extra hours beyond package hours

The Proposal

•  Assist in developing your dream proposal
•  Formulate location and the plan
•  Hire photographer/videographer
•  Coordinate with others that are desired in attendance
•  Verify final arrangements
•  Develop timeline
•  Assist with creative process
•  Up to 2 meetings, available for emails and phone calls